The Plant Connection, Inc., Interior Plant Specialists, is looking to hire: Job Title: Interior Horticulturist Salary: $13-$14/Hour pre-training (bonus based on performance and commission on sales also available) Hours: Full time job (35-40 hrs/wk) WHY:

  • Ready to work with something that doesn’t talk back (well at least not out loud)?
  • Ready to move out from behind that desk and move your body? (most of our employees report weight loss in the first month)
  • Ready to work independently?
  • Ready to get to know the greater Seattle area like the back of your hand?
  • Then this is the job for you.
WHAT: Horticulturist and delivery/ installation position
  • Full time job (35-40 hrs/wk) Can be done as 5-8 hour days or 4-10 hour days.
  • Caring for tropical plants (and their owners) in office buildings 4 days per week
  • Installation and delivery of plants/Warehouse clean up and care including but not limited to watering, cleaning, organizing, inventory 1 day per week
  • Route work maintaining overall appearance and design of client’s interior landscapes
  • Other duties as needed including but not limited to basic excel data entry and word processing
  • Opportunity available to move into company management
  • Monday through Friday (some flexibility in hours- typically start at 7:30 am to avoid traffic)
  • Most of your routes will begin at our office in the Georgetown area of Seattle
JOB REQUIREMENTS -Must love plants and people!:
  • Knowledge of or the capacity to learn the names and care of our most commonly used plants within the training period.
  • Must also learn additional plant names and new skills on an ongoing basis
  • Valid WSDL and good driving record.
  • Able to work unsupervised
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to provide friendly, efficient customer service
  • Company vehicle may be available or if you use choose to use your own vehicle, you are reimbursed for mileage at current IRS standard rate
  • Physical capacity to do job- lift 30 lbs., walk several miles per day carrying 2- 2gallon water cans filled with water. Lots of kneeling and bending. Some ladder work
  • Creative, flexible person willing to help with whatever task is on the agenda
  • Must be very detail oriented. The communication between yourself, clients and other staff is the key to providing excellent customer service.
  • Willing to learn to use internet and various computer programs such as excel and word
  • Must sign non-compete (basically you agree not to work with any of our clients in a horticultural capacity for three years after the end of your employment with us.)
  • Starting rate of $13-14 per hour Depending on experience and skills. Raise when you successfully complete training after three months
  • Mileage and parking allowance
  • 5% commission on sales within accounts
  • We will pay for your pesticide license should you have one or choose to get one
  • 2 week paid vacation per year the first year (1st week becomes available after six months, second week after twelve months), 3 weeks beginning the third year, (proportional to # of hours worked),
  • $30 per month education benefit
  • Performance based bonus plan
  • Chance to grow and receive training within our company.
Questions? 206-938-3884

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