And now…a blatant Ad from Waterland Blog Columnist Dave Markwell: My daughter was playing Christmas music on her phone while eating her Fruit Loops this morning. I shook my head in admonishment and denial…then…”Jingle Bell Rock” came on…well, the spirit is undeniable. And I’ve found that when this happens, it’s best to just go with it.

With this in mind, shopping season is HERE!!!

Consider the heartfelt gift of love and hope and aspiration and FUN…MY BOOK!!! It’s sooooo easy and sure to be appreciated for years to come!!! You’ll be a hero. Here’s more info and a link below and, MERRY…nope…too soon…
“A Feel-Good Life: The wandering, uncertain journey of a dad who loves his kids…and sometimes his dogs..” is a collection of blog columns reflecting the author’s perspective during the his kids’ childhoods and the challenges of being a flawed human, struggling with questions of meaning and purpose, trying to raise un-weird kids. Part memoir, part personal development, “A Feel-Good Life” speaks the language of the human heart. It can, at times, provoke a smile or a tear, but always reminds us of a simple truth: life is pretty good.