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What is a Healthcare Directive?

A healthcare directive, also known as a “living will,” provides instructions to your physicians to let them know what type of life sustaining treatment you may or may not want, and under what circumstances you do or don’t want them. This directive is a document that is used by your physician, and only if have a terminal condition, or are otherwise in a permanent unconscious state. In your healthcare directive, you can also decide whether you would like artificially provided food and water to continue or be stopped in the event that you have a terminal condition. The Washington State Department of Health has implemented a Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form for individuals to use so that they may summarize their wishes regarding any life sustaining treatment. If one does not have the ability to communicate and make decisions for themselves, and do not have a healthcare directive or POLST form, under state law, the following people will be able to make such healthcare decisions for you, in this order:
  1. An appointed guardian;
  2. Your healthcare power of attorney;
  3. Your spouse or domestic partner;
  4. Your adult children;
  5. Your parents; or
  6. Your adult siblings.
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