As we first reported March 11, two restaurants in a building located at 22341 Marine View Drive South – Madi’s and Dana K’s Kafe – remain closed over 50 days later due to water damage and other issues.

Both businesses were yellow tagged and closed on Friday, Mar. 8, yet no action has been taken. Both businesses’ insurance will not cover any losses due to this being a landlord issue.

“Nothing has been fixed and NO permits have been issued on repair,” Dana Kristeen Johnson-Hannon, owner of Dana K’s told The Waterland Blog. “I think the community needs to know what is going on here.”

The City of Des Moines told The Waterland Blog that a scope of work for selective demolition to determine the level of damage was applied for and issued on April 11, 2019.

Through this permit, the owner’s contractor is attempting to determine how much damage was done as a result of the water damage.

Once the full extent of the damage is discovered, the building owner’s contractor will apply for the appropriate permit(s) for repair.

However, to date the city says it has not heard anything further from the owner or the contractor, and both restaurants in the building remain closed.

Both hair salons that were relatively unaffected by the water intrusion remain open.

Here are new photos that show some of the damage:

For further questions, please contact Bonnie Wilkins, City Clerk/Communications Director at 206-870-6519 or [email protected].