The City of Des Moines closed the Redondo Pier to public access in July, due to structural concerns that necessitated its closure until further assessment could be completed.

That assessment has recently been completed, and repair alternatives are currently being developed by city staff.

At this point, the city says that staff has not had the opportunity to discuss the issues about the Pier or repair options with the City Council.

The city’s Chief Operations Officer Daniel J. Brewer will be discussing the pier with the City Council at their Sept. 5 meeting during the Administration Report.

“I can tell you that the required repairs are significant, in both scope of cost,” Brewer said. “Until repairs can be made, the Pier must remain closed for safety reasons. We will be providing more in-depth information to the public once we have had a chance to discuss the needed repairs with the City Council.”

Brewer added:

“As far as the floating dock, the piece of dock at the end of the south-side Boarding floats has been removed for safety. One of the hinge connection ears broke off, leaving only one side connected. This caused a significant pinch point and for safety reasons it was removed.

“The great news is that the City has been awarded a grant that will be used to rebuild both floating docks in the near future, hopefully in 2020.”