Disadvantaged youth in Des Moines will have greater opportunity to participate in the city’s parks and recreation programs thanks to a $14,225 donation from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.

Foundation President Gene Achziger delivered a check to City Clerk Bonnie Wilkins last Friday, Jan. 24, 2020. The funds were raised at the charity’s 2018 annual Bayside Brunch at Anthony’s HomePort – Des Moines Restaurant.

Those funds will enable more kids to participate in recreation sports leagues and before and after school programs and summer camps.

“With daycare costs as high as they are, we’ve got a lot of hardworking parents who depend on these programs to support their families,” Achziger said. “It’s tough to have to work a 40-hour a week job and worry about your kids if they are at home unsupervised. These programs help alleviate some of that worry.”

The funds were raised during a paddle raise at the Foundation’s annual Bayside Brunch. Legacy, throughout its 20-year history, has pursued its mission of building community through philanthropy.

“Budd Gould and Anthony’s Restaurants have been fantastic partners with the Bayside Brunch,” Achziger said. “We literally could not have accomplished what we have without their help.”

He said he wanted to give a particular shout-out to Dana Lancaster, manager of the Des Moines Anthony’s location.

“Dana’s been a tremendous help and the dedication of her staff always results in a wonderful experience, no matter how crazy we get with our themes,” Achziger added.

Those themes have ranged from salutes to Woodstock to Jimmy Buffet.

Achziger said it was appropriate that the theme of the 2018 brunch was Superheroes, because Legacy’s donors stepped up in heroic fashion to once again vastly increase the number of kids able to participate in recreation programs.

“Even as the economy has improved, recreation fees keep getting hiked and that means the ability to participate in programs so important to the development of our kids remains out of reach for many families,” Achziger said. “Legacy is committed to helping level the playing field.”