The City of Des Moines on Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022, released an update on noise being created by heavy construction equipment being used at the North Marina Bulkhead Replacement Project.

Numerous residents nearby have complained about the recurrent, ongoing noise created by pile driving, bulkhead removal, and scour protection rock placement, which the city says “truly are some of the most significant elements of the project.”

“The project team has accelerated these activities in the past few weeks not only to build the project, but to comply with difficult permitting ‘windows in which this work can occur,” the city said in a statement.

The city adds that “great progress has been made and we are looking at just a few more days of pile driving and rock installation during evening low tides.”

They city says that the ongoing work means it will complete this work in 2022, versus utilizing another permitted ‘window’ next winter in 2023.

“With the continued support from the community, we will get this project completed much sooner than anticipated,: the city added.

“Thank you for your continued patience from the disruption caused by the North Marina Bulkhead Replacement Project.”