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Ever since the arrest of Ethan Nordean, the Des Moines City Council has maintained a blatant attitude of…silence. There has been no hue and cry over a restaurant owned by the parents of this man, while Nordean is now on trial for seditious conspiracy, nor has there been any suggestion that the license for said restaurant could be rescinded on the basis of the overt racism and misogyny of the ownership, not to mention the son participating in an insurrection against the United States and Congress. While the family should not be tarred with the same brush as the son, Nordean’s mother has been, as stated in an earlier NY Times article, a virulent supporter of The Big Lie.

Is this lack of a stand, and therefore complicity in said racism and misogyny, how the City Council (and the City Manager) wants to be known? Is that how White you are in Des Moines? If so, it is a tragedy for the many immigrant and American people of color in Des Moines, who have no one who speaks for them on the City Council.

With the exception of Gene Achziger, who had not yet been elected to the City Council at the time of Nordean’s indictment, the rest of you are a sorry lot.

– Lorie Lucky

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