Vitality Chiropractic, Advertiser and friend of the blog, is hosting a free back-to-school event from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at this Saturday’s Des Moines Farmers Market to raise awareness about the dangers of over-weighted backpacks. Children will receive a free postural screening and backpack check to redistribute the weight in their packs correctly. According to Vitality’s Dr. Bonnie Verhunce, backpacks that do not have an even weight distribution pose a threat to a child’s health. Heavy textbooks can cause muscle strain, irritate joints and damage a child’s developing musculoskeletal system. “In our pediatric practice, I frequently treat young children for postural problems caused by over-weighted or uneven backpacks,” said Dr. Bonnie. “A child’s spine is still growing and developing. Weighing down a backpack with heavy textbooks, and then carrying this pack only on one shoulder, will cause a child pain in the back and body.” Dr. Bonnie also is cautioning parents and teachers to discourage the common practice of wearing a backpack on only one shoulder. Doing so can cause mid-spine compression, including muscle spasms. “Wearing only one strap may look cool, but this causes uneven weight distribution and back pain.” “Stop by and see us Saturday at the Farmers Market. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the proper way to fit a backpack to a child’s body,” Dr. Bonnie said. “We believe that education is one of the first steps to a healthy life,” Dr. Bonnie said. “Our office is comfortable, our staff is friendly and nurturing, and we accept most insurance plans.” Be sure to “Like” them

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