Last year before the beginning of baseball/softball season, Mt. Rainier High School Coach Tremain Mack noticed that batting cages at the school field had been vandalized numerous times.

Requests for replacements were made multiple times to Highline Public School, but unfortunately the district allocates less than 1% of the overall budget to Athletics. This has led to a backlog of deferred maintenance and facilities needing repair as well as new investment at Mount Rainier High School to ensure safe and competitive fields and facilities.

This year, the district indicated that if the money was independently raised and donated to the athletic department, that they would gladly accept the money and have a fence built. The cleanest way to do this is through the Mount Rainier Booster Club because they already have a non-profit setup.

“I firmly believe that providing opportunities for student-athletes can lead to more positive contributions to society in the long run,” said fundraiser organizer Adam Keane. “As a Friend of Mount Rainier Athletics, our mission is to kickstart positive change by raising funds for targeted projects that not only benefit these dedicated student-athletes but also enhance the wider community.

“The Mount Rainier Baseball and Softball fields serve as essential gathering spaces for students, athletes, parents, and the local community,” Keane added. “However, in today’s environment, vandalism poses a persistent threat. For several years, the batting cage has been rendered unusable due to continuous netting vandalism. Our goal is to secure $20,000 in funding to establish a permanent fence around the batting cage. This fence will not only safeguard the district’s assets but also ensure the facilities remain in top condition, accessible for all.”

The fundraiser is live now, with the goal of $20,000; as of Sept. 5, 2023, it has raised $2,100:

Here’s more info from the GoFundMe, which was set up by Keane:

“Ready to make a meaningful difference? Join me in supporting a cause that matters – raising funds to benefit the Mount Rainier High School Baseball and Softball teams.

“Did you know that participation in high school athletics brings about numerous positive outcomes? Student-athletes are statistically more likely to graduate, less inclined to engage in substance abuse, exhibit improved school attendance, and have a reduced likelihood of becoming teen parents.

“Every single donation, regardless of size, will have a significant impact. Your contribution to this cause means the world to me, and I’m deeply grateful for your support.

“For more details about the MOUNT RAINIER BOOSTER CLUB, know that it stands dedicated to supporting student teams and organizations through enthusiastic volunteer participation in school events and various fundraising activities. Together, let’s make a lasting change for our student-athletes and the community they serve.

“Thank you for your generosity in advance.”