How much does Estate Planning cost?

The short answer to this question is: it depends. And this is because not all clients’ needs are the same.

However, one of the goals behind our fee structuring for our estate planning services is to be transparent about our fees upfront. This is why we share the fees for most of our services, including estate planning, on our website. You can find our pricing here: https://www.dallawfirm.com/what-it-costs/

For many people, their thoughts about what estate planning may cost them can prevent them from getting their estate planning done. And for some people, it may lead them to maybe use a free and less expensive template they found online. While this can be helpful, please understand that estate planning is more than just filling in blanks on a form. There can be so many options (many of which are specific to Washington State), and an online template that was created in another state may not properly address your needs as a Washington State resident. Learn more from our attorney Darcel Lobo about DIY estate planning below:

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With that being said, we will usually list our starting price, or a pricing range. But we find that it is helpful for many of our clients to know ahead of time, even before contacting our office, what the cost may be for their estate planning needs. During the initial consultation, we can assess what the client’s needs are, make the proper recommendations, and confirm the exact price during the consultation.

The cost of estate planning can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of your estate, the type of services you require, and the attorney or professional you choose to work with. Estate planning typically involves more than just creating a will or a revocable living trust, preparing your power of attorneys for financial and healthcare decisions, directives designating beneficiaries; it also involves ensuring that your wants and needs are met, and ensuring that you have a comprehensive estate plan in place for your family and loved ones.

It’s important to discuss the cost of estate planning upfront with the attorney or professional you choose to work with. They can provide you with a fee structure that suits your needs and explain any additional charges that may apply.

Keep in mind that estate planning is a crucial aspect of managing your assets and ensuring that your wishes are carried out. While the cost may vary, it is generally advisable to work with a qualified professional to create a comprehensive estate plan that meets your specific requirements.

It’s important to consult with an attorney who can assess your specific circumstances and help you determine the most suitable option based on the facts of your specific case. If you need assistance with your estate planning needs, reach out to our office at (206) 408-8158 or visit us online at www.dallawfirm.com and we would be happy to assist you. We’re conveniently located in Normandy Park and offer consultations virtually or in person.

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