Effective Friday, April 26, 2024, the City of Des Moines is launching its public park zone speed safety program, which will begin by notifying drivers if they exceed the speed limit near Redondo Boardwalk and Wooton Park.

Actual ticketing will begin on May 24, 2024 with a fine of $145 for exceeding the speed limit. This is the first speed camera program in the state of Washington to activate in a public park zone.

For the next 30 days, warning notices will be issued to registered vehicle owners whose vehicle is captured as speeding in excess of the posted speed limit. The notices are designed to help educate the public about the details and benefits of the program, as well as the penalty for not abiding by the speed limit law.

The four cameras are located along Redondo Beach Drive between Shore Drive and 287th Street, and also on Redondo Way S., east of Wooton Park.

“We’ve heard the concerns of our local residents and park-goers,” said Mayor Traci Buxton. “While we don’t want to fine the community, the illegal and reckless driving behavior happening around these high-pedestrian locations is a critical danger to our residents and visitors. This park zone speed safety program is a proven tool to help us change driver behavior and create a safer community for everyone.”

After the 30-day warning period is over, fines of $145 will be issued to registered vehicle owners who exceed the speed limit in these park zones. Signs are in place to alert drivers that the park zone is an automated enforcement area. The speed safety cameras will capture images of vehicle license plates and send secure video proof of violation to law enforcement for verification and ticket processing.

We are able to provide this safety program to the community as the result of the passage of State legislation in 2022; Move Ahead Washington, which allows cities and towns to install automatic speed safety cameras in areas directly outside hospitals, public parks, and within a school’s designated walk area.

The City contracted with Verra Mobility, a leader in speed safety technology, to administer this first-in-the-state park safety program and to help administer the public park zone speed safety program.

For more information on the Des Moines public park speed safety program, visit Park Zone Speed Safety – City of Des Moines, WA.

Photo courtesy David Rosen.

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  1. The photos will be useless if the car has a smoked license plate cover. They need to crack down on that!

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