The Risks of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

If you been considering getting an estate plan done but don’t know how to start, don’t understand it, or may be even afraid of the process, you are not alone. It is estimated that less than half of Americans have an estate plan in place. With so many resources on the internet these days, people are inclined to DIY their estate planning. Before attempting to DIY your estate planning, you should consider the potential benefits of obtaining advice from an experienced attorney.

We have helped a lot of people with their estate planning, whether it be a will, trust, power of attorney, etc. While there are online resources to use, we have unfortunately seen a lot of bad estate plans. And usually, by the times it’s realized that the estate plan is bad, it’s too late to do anything about it. Having a good estate planning attorney will ensure that your estate plan not only reflects your wishes, but also complies with our state’s laws governing estate planning requirements. If estate planning documents are prepared incorrectly, those mistakes can be expensive to fix, if they can be fixed at all.

While we understand that cost can be a factor in getting your estate planning done, we want to also keep in mind the bigger picture. We are usually trying to protect assets, protect your loved ones, and make things as easy as possible for your loved ones. You don’t want to leave your loved ones a legal mess to deal with because you wanted to save a few hundred dollars and decided to use a “DIY” will you found online.

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