What is a Quit Claim Deed?

A quit claim deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of real property from one person to another.

In Washington State, there are certain requirements for quit claim deeds; it must be in writing, a legal description of the property must be included, it must be signed by the grantor, and the signature must be notarized.

Quit claim deeds can be used for many purposes which includes gifting property, conveyances to correct prior deeds and even to settle a legal dispute. A quit claim deed document should be used if:

    • You are passing your rights in a piece of property to a spouse or ex-spouse
    • You are gifting your property to a friend or family member
    • You are transferring ownership in a property to a trust
    • You are correcting the spelling of names in a previous deed
    • You are changing tenancy between owners

There are three types of deeds; the first two are general and the third is Statutory Warranty Deed. The Statutory Warranty Deed can be used for a transfer of property and to hold promise to the new owner that it is free of liens and other defects. The most frequent deed used is a quit claim deed. Quit claim deeds are different because with this legal document, the grantor is just signing over the ownership interest he or she may have in the property. The grantor does not guarantee that the property is free of debt and no one else claims to own it. Quit claim deeds can make transferring property fast and simple in order to add or remove family members or move property into a trust without unnecessary expenses.

Having an attorney is not required to prepare a quit claim deed, however, consulting with an experienced real estate attorney can help you get any questions answered. We can help you prepare all of the necessary documents and get them sent over to the county for recording. If you are looking to know more about quit claim deeds or want to get started on having one prepared, please contact our office today. You can reach us at (206) 408-8158 or darcel@dallawfirm.com. We look forward to assisting you!

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