When Should I Revise my
Last Will and Testament?

When you make your Will, you probably think it is finished and you will never see it again, however if there are major changes in your life, you are allowed to revise it. Life is full of major life changes, such as marriage, children or divorce. Learning when and how to change your Will can make the transition much easier after you have passed. Updating a Will is not only a good idea, it is necessary. The time it is drafted cannot possibly cover every situation and expectations, therefore it only makes sense to change it if this occurs.

Marriage is one reason to change your Will. You are going to want to include your new spouse in your Will, leaving them an entire estate or a certain percentage by making a new one. Even during a common law marriage, you may want to ensure that your common law spouse is included in your Will. A new relationship with no marriage is also a possibility where you can amend a Will so that your partner is included in your estate plan.

A new baby is another important reason to update your Will, birth or adoption. You may want the child to receive a certain percentage of your estate, and you can also name the new guardians for your child in the Will. Stepchildren can also be included in since they usually do have inheritance rights, so making a new Will can ensure they receive a portion of what you wish. Lastly, death of a child or spouse is a reason to update your Will. This way you can provide different beneficiaries or divide up the percentage of the estate to the living heirs.

These are only a few reasons of when you should revise your Last Will and Testament. If you would like to discuss more details or simply revise your Will, Attorney Darcel Lobo here at DAL Law Firm would be happy to sit down and assist you. Call our office today at (206) 408-8158 or email at darcel@dallawfirm.com. We look forward to helping you.

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