DMCleanupSite030216 The Washington State Department of Ecology announced that it is seeking public comment on a cleanup site in Des Moines:

The 1989 and 1998 cleanup of contaminated soil at the Davis Construction site, located at 24515 26th Pl. S. in Des Moines continues to protect public health and the environment, according to a periodic review by the Department of Ecology. SITE DESCRIPTION The Davis Construction property is located in the City of Des Moines, King County, Washington. The Site is downgradient from a former used oil recycling facility. It was reported that waste sludge and materials that could not be processed at the recycling facility were dumped at the Site. The property owner conducted an independent cleanup action at the Site in 1989 which consisted of the excavation of contaminated soils from a 40 X 60 X 12 foot area. Following remediation activities, two apartment buildings were built at the Site in the early 1990s. Transglobal Environmental Services Northwest, Inc. conducted soil probe sampling at the Site in 1998 to determine whether contamination remained at the Site following the remediation activities in 1989. Lead was detected at a maximum concentration of 1,130 parts per million (ppm) and total petroleum hydrocarbons were detected at a maximum concentration of 12,000 ppm. Contamination was not detected below the depth of 9 feet below ground surface (bgs). groundwater expected to be well below 20 feet bgs at the Site. It was determined that the contamination remaining at the Site did not pose a threat to groundwater or to human health by direct contact.
A restrictive covenant was recorded for the property in 1998, and the Site received a ‘No Further Action’ determination. Ecology seeks public comment on the review through March 18, 2016. Ecology reviews sites that have undergone cleanup if the cleanup included a special condition that must be maintained on the property. The reviews occur every five years. For additional background on the cleanup and review of the site, please see:

Comments or questions about this site may be directed to Eugene Freeman, Department of Ecology, 3190 160th Ave SE., Bellevue, WA 98008; [email protected]. For questions on this site by phone, please call 425-649-7191.]]>

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