From our friends at WABI Burien:

Gary McNeil

Big thanks to Gary McNeil for having led the Des Moines Waterland Walkers for many years!

Gary and his wife, LaDonna, had lived in Burien for years, then moved to Des Moines, where Gary started up the walking group in association with the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.

“We are moving to Skagit County. We have 10 acres of land up there with a house. We plan on building a barn, having a big garden, a couple goats and some ducks. It will be quite a change from city life that I have been living my whole life. But is should be more relaxing and quiet. We have enjoyed Burien & Des Moines, getting to know you, the WABI group, and my Waterland Walkers. I will miss it, but hope to start up a walking group up north.”

Gary McNeil

Sharon Morehouse
Anna Martin

Hello, Anna Martin and Sharon Morehouse! They will be taking over the monthly Des Moines Waterland walks from Gary. They recognize that Gary’s are a big pair of shoes for them to fill, but they will do their best!

Sharon has lived in the Des Moines area for a number of years. She knows Des Moines well and is very active in the community.

Anna lived in Seattle for over 30 years and is moving to Des Moines in September. She loves to walk and has been enjoying getting to know Des Moines while she waits to move into her new home.

Next Waterland Walk will be Sunday, Aug. 20

Our next Des Moines Waterland walk (and the first one without Gary) will be along the Des Moines Marina waterfront on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2023, starting at 11 a.m. We’ll meet in the northwestern corner of the marina parking lot between the new restrooms and the fishing pier. Our walk will take us along the water south to Anthony’s restaurant, where we’ll head over to Marine View Drive to walk back north to our starting point.

On the way back, we’ll stop at the overlook viewpoint before returning to the parking lot. This walk is about 2 1/2 miles on paved surfaces and is mostly flat or slightly uphill. There is one short, relatively steep downhill section from the overlook viewpoint back to the parking lot. Dogs and strollers are welcome.

For more info: Contact Anna