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That Your Creditors May Owe You Money? In 1977, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted as a way to curb the abusive collection practices that agencies continue to follow every day. This Act was created to eliminate such abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts. How do you know if you may be a victim? If the following applies to you, then it is highly advised that you give us a call to set up your free and confidential consultation:
  • If the debt being collected is a consumer debt (not a business debt)
  • The collection agency is a third party (not the original creditor)
  • The behavior of the debt collector is abusive, harassing, oppressive, embarrassing, false, misleading, or illegal
  • The debt collector is speaking about your debt with anyone except for you or your attorney (for example, your employer)
  • The debt collector is contacting you at unreasonable times, and/or are making repeated callbacks
If you believe you are a victim or such abusive practices, it is important that you call us today. You only have one year from the time of the violation to bring an action against the debt collector, so we want to be sure to act in a quick manner. You may be entitled to monetary compensation from your creditors. Call Marine View Law & Escrow today so we can protect from such abusive practices. Our number is (206) 878-8777, or visit us at]]>

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