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…that we can represent you when Probate is needed?

At the law office of Marine View Law & Escrow, we provide counsel to individuals throughout King County who have questions or concerns about administering the estate of a loved one. We are dedicated to providing every client with a high level of personal service and attention. When you retain our firm to assist you, our attorneys will explain the probate process, and provide the personal representative with the guidance necessary to execute his or her responsibilities to the estate. As a part of our initial consultation, we will help you decide if a probate is the right process to administer your loved one’s estate. We work with executors, administrators and personal representatives, to complete all of the duties required by the probate court to settle the estate. Below is a list of just a few of the matters that our firm can manage for our clients:
  • Preparing and filing an inventory of the assets of the estate
  • Obtaining a valuation on any property in the estate, if necessary
  • Locating and notifying all parties with a potential interest in the estate, including creditors
  • Paying all final debts and taxes of the estate
  • Overseeing the orderly distribution of estate assets according to the terms of the Will
We will prepare all the necessary documents to complete the process, and will attend all hearings in probate court to initiate probate, to effectively administer the estate and to respond to any third party claims that may arise during the probate. We understand that questions can arise at any time. We encourage our clients to contact us to better understand their rights or options. Please contact our office at (206) 878-8777 or if you believe you or someone you know may be in need to assistance with a probate.
“The professionalism and respect that I received was beyond what I could have expected. She (Marine View Law & Escrow Attorney) made the whole process pain free and with the million questions I had, she was always there with help and support. I would definitely recommend her to others. Thanks again for all of your help!”

– Satisfied Customer of Marine View Law & Escrow


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