Local filmmaker Steve Edmiston – who wrote and directed “The Day My Parents Became Cool,” shot mostly in the south end – recently created a series of comedic short video spots for a new Seattle-based classifieds website called Spokely.com. The videos satirize the inevitably awkward moments that accompany many classified ad interactions. “Writing the spots for this campaign was truly funny,” Edmiston said. “It’s amazing how universal the feelings are about the awkwardness of being required to meet up with someone for a one-time-only transaction.” “The Athlete” tells the story of Anne, a very normal suburban mother, who – through her efforts to sell a set of old dumbbell weights – encounters Colby, an out-of-shape 50-something man dressed entirely in spandex. This awkward moment, while funny, also speaks to the uncomfortable encounters that we take to be an unfortunate, but necessary part of our classifieds experience: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RrajyvPi2s[/youtube] Spokely.com’s small, yet dedicated staff believes they can change this experience. Spokely.com Lead Designer Meleigha Holt says, “We want to bring trustworthy classifieds to our Seattle community. We’re built around the belief in good. Good deals, good products and above all good people.” About Spokely.com Spokely.com is a Seattle classifieds website that eliminates the sketchy interactions and flakey no-shows associated with other classifieds websites. This brand new Seattle start-up believes in good – good deals, good products, and above all good people. Because of this, Spokely.com provides two key services that you won’t find with other classifieds websites:

  1. Curated posts: This means every post is reviewed for quality. We only accept good images, good items and good descriptions to ensure the best possible shopping experience.
  2. Optional delivery: We can pick up and deliver any item within 20 miles of Seattle.
Here’s another one of Edmiston spots, called “The Wingman”: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMVCNllHl4A[/youtube] What’s next for Edmiston?

Edmiston’s next big writing project will be “The Maury Island Incident,” working with South King Media Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer, who will direct. This film will begin production in June, 2013, and will be shot and produced locally (read our coverage of the project’s kick-off party here).]]>

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