Producers of the locally-made short film “The Maury Island Incident” – which will likely begin production at the end of June – are seeking help from the community. The film, which is based on the true story of a man’s UFO sighting off Maury Island in 1947, is currently in pre-production, and casting will begin soon. It’s written by local Filmmaker Steve Edmiston, and will be Directed by WLB Founder/Publisher (and veteran TV Writer/Director) Scott Schaefer. Executive Producer is John White, and Producers include Laura Beth and Scott Peterson of SAFE Boats, along with Tin Room Bar/Theater Owner Danny House. Nancy Pappas-Barnhart is Associate Producer. Please note that Donors cannot be paid…HOWEVER…on-screen credit at the end of the film, as well as credit and thanks on the project website and social media pages (including links to your website), will be given. Some of the film’s current needs include:
  • A Set Medic to be on set at all times in case someone gets injured; this should be a certified EMT (you’ll get to be on our working set every day!).
  • A Bookkeeper to handle the film’s accounting (QuickBooks, Excel, etc.).
  • A 1940s-era House that can be used to shoot at for one day; preferably with a porch and a screen door.
  • Catering donations for four shooting days, for a crew of up to 15.
  • Gift Cards to local grocery stores for various items for shoot days.
  • A 1940s-era working, fishing-style boat that can be gently used for a full day of shooting off Maury Island (boat owner will likely serve as the Pilot of the boat, and would possibly be an Extra).
  • Cash Donations, which can be made online easily here:
If you can help with any of the above, or know someone who might be willing to help, please email [email protected] ASAP! “We really appreciate the community’s support and interest, which has been overwhelming,” said Producer/Director Schaefer. “This film is truly a team effort, and we are working hard to make it something that everyone can be proud of!” The current team also includes: If you’re not yet familiar with this intriguing, yet nearly-forgotten local story, here’s a video: [youtube][/youtube]]]>

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