Check your pockets, Waterlanders! Last week, sometime between Tuesday night and Friday evening, someone bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket from a Des Moines retailer. At about 8pm Friday night, that ticket became worth $250,000. Whoever bought the ticket correctly picked (or the computer randomly picked for them) the five winning Mega Millions numbers: 11-15-35-43-49, making the bearer a quarter of a million dollars (before taxes are removed) richer. Had the purchaser also picked the correct “Mega Ball” number, 41, they would be splitting $190 million with someone else in the state who indeed picked all five numbers plus the correct Mega Ball. (We do not believe Mr. or Mrs. $190 Million is from Des Moines, but that’s not the point). Both winners have until November 13 of this year to turn in their tickets and collect their winnings. For more information, go the Washington State Lottery website: No one on the Waterland Blog staff possesses either ticket, but we’d be happy to share in the winnings … uh, offer suggestions on how the money might be spent.]]>