Waves blew out the two west windows in the Marine and Science Technology (MaST) Center classroom in Redondo before surging into the building during Monday’s (Nov. 15, 2021) intense windstorm and high tides.

“We were able to board them up from the inside pretty quickly but still took a lot of water in the classroom,” MaST Director Rus Higley told The Waterland Blog.

Officials are still assessing computer and electronics damage, but expect that the classroom PC station “is finished.”

The aquarium popped a couple of circuits due to the intense waves splashing in, but there were no other issues, Higley added.

“Improvements that we did to the siding about 6-7 years ago are working and are resistant to waves,” he said.”No damage to building or dock except for the windows. We are now drying out the subfloor where water drained down into. All the animals are fine and we will be open normally this Saturday for Discovery Day from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. All in all, a great excuse to do a deep cleaning of the classroom!”

Below are some photos courtesy the MaST Center:

The MaST Center will be closed the final two Saturdays in December (Dec. 18 & 25) as well as the first Saturday of January.

Below are some videos showing scenes from the storm:

Some damage was also done to the Redondo Boardwalk, which was rebuilt in 2016 after a similar storm hit it in 2014.

The MaST Center is located at 28203 Redondo Beach Drive South: