We’d like to welcome back Advertiser Karuna Arts Yoga, which recently moved to a nice new location in Des Moines (605 South 223rd Street), and which is offering the following great Coupon: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="489" caption="Click image to Print Coupon."][/caption] As we do with all our Advertisers, we’re allowing a forum for Karuna Arts to share their message to our Readers:

“Flexibility Not Required” is their slogan, and for good reason – Karuna Arts does customized yoga practices to fit all needs! “If you can breathe you can do yoga,” said Owner Anne Basco. “Yoga is a natural state of union. Our lives are deceptively unhinging – before we know it what once came easy has become challenging. Yoga harmonizes, energizes and balances the modern lifestyle. Join us, you don’t know what you are missing!” Regular yoga practice heals. It starts on the surface, takes hold, then roots into the deepest potentials of your well being. There is no fast, quick fix to yoga, no short cuts adding excessive heat to your yoga practice places your system under stress, you’ll need to commit yourself to your own greater good by submitting to the slow, warm simmer of your attention. How is your low back? …your neck? …your shoulder? ….your hip? With regular yoga practice and attention, the nagging sites of mischief–low back, neck, shoulder, hip or etc.– thin and become transparent. There is no short fast route with yoga. You must take up the seeds, prepare the soil, nurture and trim the growth trusting that your most meaningful purpose is at hand. Since beginning my practice in Physical Therapy in 1986 and having practiced and taught yoga since 1995, I have found that consistency rooted in deep awareness is the source of healing. Each turn, each twist on the yoga mat served to ground me through life transitions and strengthened me when the “living was easy”. What I’m saying is: you may be struggling whether you realize it or not and yoga can heal, even if all you seek is a little relief from a pain in the neck. View your health as a daily ritual. Eat to sustain health more than desire. Your body needs rest and your body needs activity. Get outdoors for vigorous regular walks, running or cycling to support your cardiovascular health and your spirit in nature, and keep yoga in your life for the long term. Established in 2002, Karuna Arts Yoga is now located in a big new space at 605 S. 223rd Street in Des Moines. Many of our classes are therapeutic in nature, that is, yoga postures and practices are utilized as a means to treat the body, breath, and mind. We offer Group Yoga Classes 7 days per week and customize yoga practices for you in our Private Yoga Sessions, to schedule an appointment or to ask questions, please phone: 206/878-9642. Not sure where to start? Karuna Arts Yoga has many different class levels, from beginner to expert – just click here to see their schedule. What they are saying:

My back has never felt better since beginning yoga at Karuna. I have also gotten stronger and more flexible. ~ L. Sims

Anne is a wonderful teacher who has inspired many to take care of themselves in and out of yoga class. She is an incredible teacher. ~Kris S.

Anne Basco has created a studio where you can safely practice to the best of your ability, and an open welcoming community. ~A. Steele

Karuna Arts Yoga gives me everything I need for my body, mind , and spirit. ~M. Anderson

Karuna Arts Yoga is located at 605 S. 223rd Street, just two blocks west of Marine View Drive at South 223rd in Des Moines. Phone (206) 878-9642 Website: http://www.karuna-arts-yoga.com “Like” them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karuna-Arts-Yoga/321862618172]]>

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