‘What’s Up Des Moines?’: Des Moines Development – Michael Matthias, Bonnie Wilkins & Susan Cezar

We had the opportunity to meet with Des Moines City Manager Michael Matthias, City Clerk Bonnie Wilkins and the Chief of Community Development, Susan Cezar. These special leaders explained their important role of stewardship to the Puget Sound and to the different cultures and heritages that make up Des Moines. They strive to protect people, property and the natural environment through sustainable efforts. They expressed excitement about the future of Des Moines and their dedication to giving Des Moines an identity:

    • Marina Development: Maintain a working Marina that involves dock replacement and Marine Floor Development such as a hotel, passenger ferry and businesses. The vision includes Harbor steps that connect the Marina to downtown via 223rd.
    • Park Development: A new park that will overlook the Marina. Beach Park enhancements- including play equipment. Midway Park acquisition & improvements.
    • Dynamic Property Development: New construction – encouraging the development of stagnant properties in downtown.
    • SR3 Sea Life Response, Rehabilitation & Research: The first Sea Life Rescue Center in the PNW, serving as a commitment to the environment, encouraging community visitation and education.

Des Moines Business Spotlight: Fleur Fresca
Julia Nunez, the creative and vibrant owner of Fleur Fresca has been crafting beautiful floral arrangements in the Des Moines area for 8 years. Born and raised in the Des Moines area, she opened up her shop Fleur Fresca in Des Moines just 3 years ago!

With Julia’s unique touch, she designs arrangements for any occasion, and offers custom arrangements as well. Her store front shop is currently closed but they offer FREE delivery or scheduled pickups! You can count on Julia to go above and beyond to meet your vision- we are truly fortunate to have her in our town!

Check out her freshly cut and seasonally crafted bouquets at fleurfresca.com.

We all agree that Des Moines is a great place to live, work, invest and play.

We also recognize that the key to creating a thriving community is through community leaders and business leaders working in partnership…


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