The Des Moines Legacy Foundation this week announced that 14-year Des Moines resident Yoshiko Grace Matsui has joined their board of directors.

Her first term on the foundation began in October 2021.

To date, her favorite DMLF project is the “No Kids Left Inside” community playground project campaign.

Asked why she decided to apply for the Des Moines Legacy Foundation position, Matsui said:

“While I’ve lived in Des Moines for 14 years, I was commuting 2 hours a day for work which left me little time to get involved in my community. One of impacts of Covid for me was the decision to move to remote work, which meant that I finally had time and energy together with my desire to give back to Des Moines. As I started volunteering more in 2021, I met an amazing group of people associated with Legacy Foundation and I’m excited to contribute to an organization that matches my interests.“

Matsui’s favorite form of recreation is reading, especially non-fiction at this time. She could earn a degree in watching British crime dramas on television and as a form of pandemic-safe family activities, her family and she recently bought a small travel trailer and have been exploring some of the Washington State parks.

Her family includes her wife Sile, her dad Earl, and three small chiweenies. Matsui lives in the North Hill neighborhood.

Matsui “feels that the Des Moines Legacy Foundation board of directors is her change to make her legacy for the Des Moines community.”

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