B&E Meats Owner Jeff Green[/caption] For those of us who live or work in the Des Moines area, B&E Meats is a part of  our daily routine. Need to pick up baby back ribs for the grill? Just stop by B&E Meats. Copper River Salmon in season? Make a beeline to B&E Meats. Planning a special dinner party? Run in to B&E Meats and talk with one of their helpful butchers. For us Des Moines folks, B&E Meats is synonymous with words like selection, quality and excellence. Not only  is B&E Meats a full service butcher with an incredible meats and seafood selection, they are also known for their incredible customer service.  One of their patrons had this to say in a recent review: “OMGOMGOMG doesn’t even begin to describe this place. They have the best looking, best tasting meats and seafood I’ve ever eaten. The prices are good and the customer service is OUTSTANDING. The staff treats you like you are their best customer! If I could give them 10 stars, I would.” In a recent interview with the owner, Jeff Green, we talked about what makes B&E Meats so special. According to him, it’s really quite simple.  Quality, knowledge and heart. Jeff knows that consumers have lots of options. “Every customer we have shops at the big food chain stores and walks by the meat and seafood sections, but instead of buying their meat there, they choose to shop with us. They know that we have the best selection and we will work hard to satisfy them. I am humbled by their commitment  and trust in us.” Jeff also talked frankly about his philosophy of hiring for the right fit.  “You can teach proper butchery skills, but you can’t teach a love of people and a general friendliness.  The people who come into B&E Meats are treated like family because they are. We know our customers on a first name basis and its common for us to talk with them about upcoming children soccer games, vacations and ask about their pets” he said with a smile, “It just part of the history and culture of caring at B&E Meats”. And a long history it has been. In August of 1958, brothers Bob and Earl opened B&E Meats in Burien. Bob was only 19 years old and his brother was 24. With hard work and youthful charm and energy, they quickly built a thriving business. In 1975, the brothers purchased an existing market in Des Moines and opened their second location. In 1999, after nearly 40 years in the meat business, Bob and Earl retired and passed the business on to Jeff and his wife, Tricia. Under the couple’s careful and skillful hands, the business has continued to grow and in 2010 they opened a third store in Federal Way. Plans are now underway to open a new store in Newcastle at the end of August. Jeff also has a long history of giving back to the community. For nine years he has served as a board member for Judson Park Retirement Community, served on a local school board at Christian Faith School and has sponsored events like the Poverty Bay Blues & Brews. This year is no exception. Jeff and his team will provide all of the Smoked Tri Tip Meat for the festival, which is expected to have over 1,000 participants in attendance.  “We’ve all heard the saying ‘Give until it hurts’, well, I don’t believe that.  It has never hurt to give.  We need to give back – it is a necessary part in the circle of life.  Giving back to the Rotary Club of Des Moines is easy, because I believe in its mission, it’s club members and the causes it funds like Highline Music4Life” remarked Jeff. So the next time you stop by B&E Meats, make sure to thank Jeff and his team for all that they do to make Des Moines great.  And when you are at the 4th Annual Poverty Bay Blues & Brews, order one of their legendary mouth-watering Tri Tip sandwiches (you will be glad you did!). If you haven’t been to B&E Meats, we think it’s time you made its acquaintance.]]>