NBA player and developer Brian Scalabrine will be discussing The Adriana Senior Apartments at a Meet & Greet Pancake Breakfast on Friday, Feb. 10, from 7:30 – 9 a.m. at the Des Moines Activity Center. The Activity Center is located at 2045 S. 216th Street. NBA fans will recall Scalabrine from his days at the Boston Celtics – where he was on the World Championship team in 2008 – or Chicago Bulls. Originally from Enumclaw, he got his start right here in Des Moines at Highline College before going to USC then into the NBA. The new Ariana Senior Apartments are located at 22525 7th Ave S. More info at Here’s more info:

The Adriana continues to enhance the new skyline of downtown Des Moines! As the framing process continues, we are anticipating the completion of the third floor next week before moving on to the fourth floor and final floor. As the building continues to rise, so does our appreciation of the increasingly stunning views! Plumbers and electricians continue to diligently follow the framers in order to expedite the completion of this project. Stay tuned for more updates to this exciting project! Join us Friday, February 10th at the Des Moines Activity Center for a Meet and Greet with Brian Scalabrine and Pancake Breakfast and get more information. See you there!