By Devin Otto
Intern, Big Picture High School

On Friday night (June 30), the “new” U.S. travel ban went into place, affecting airports across America, including Sea-Tac Airport. The ban, which bars non-visa holders from Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and all refugees, had been introduced earlier this year, when it was was met with heavy criticism.

When first introduced earlier this year – in January – Sea-Tac Airport was filled with about a thousand protesters on the first night alone (read previous coverage here). However, the turnout Friday night was not as intense, with just the occasional protester seen throughout the entire day.

This response seemed to have been mirrored across the country, as many major airports were also met with minimal protests.

There were police on location, due to an anticipated protester presence, but by 9 p.m. they had mostly dissipated.

There were lawyers located in the baggage claim area, ready to greet people coming off their planes who feared that their rights may be violated.

Sea-Tac expects business to continue as usual…