The December walk of the Des Moines Waterland Walkers will be this Saturday, Dec. 14.

Here’s more from WABI Burien:

This is our annual holiday walk where we will discover and support the small businesses in town, and enjoy the holiday decorations.

Meet at Big Catch Plaza where the Des Moines Christmas Tree is located (next to Dollar Tree) at 11:00 am.  It is at the intersection of South 216th Street, 7th Avenue South, and Marine View Drive.

The walk route will go south on 7th Avenue, reach Des Moines Drug near Red Robin, then head back north on Marine View Drive. Walkers can choose to stop at any businesses and shops they wish, such as getting coffee at Auntie Irene’s, buying a gift at Des Moines Drug, or flowers at Flora Laura. Or you can just get some exercise, meet new people, and enjoy the holiday decorations.

I personally may not be able to make the walk myself since I am recovering from surgery, but everyone is welcome to meet and enjoy the walk.

These walks are sponsored by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation,

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Thanks, Gary