An online/virtual Open House will be held for the 24th Ave South Improvement Project on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021, from 6 – 7 p.m.

City staff will discuss the project and answer questions from the public.

The virtual meeting can be accessed at the project’s website below:

In November 2011, the City produced the City of Des Moines Safe Routes to School Project Report. This report provided a summary of priority Safe Routes to School projects for the five public elementary schools in the City. The report was developed with help from the Des Moines Police Department and Highline Schoold District. Projects were selected in order to enhance safety for students and families walking to school. The report found that pedestrian improvements on 24th Ave ranked as the top priority for Midway Elementary School and had the highest ranking of all projects Citywide.

Roadway widening and improvement of 24th Ave S, Kent-Des Moines Rd (SR516) to S 223rd St is an element of the adopted City of Des Moines Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This project is Segment 2 of the 24th Ave S Corridor Improvements, with future Segment 1 improvements designated between S 223rd St and S 216th St.

The 24th Ave S Improvements Project (Segment 2) will construct improvements on 24th Ave S, between Kent-Des Moines Road and S 223rd Street. These improvements include: sidewalks, bike lanes, reduced travel lane widths, a two-way left turn lane, storm drainage, and decorative street lighting.

In 2019, the City of Des Moines was selected for a grant from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (hereinafter TIB) for project funding on the 24th Avenue South Improvements Project. This partnership with TIB allowed the City to fully fund the project and advance into preliminary design, right-of-way acquisition, and ultimately construction.

Contact Tommy Owen at [email protected] or 206-870-6870.

In January 2022, the project will move into the right-of-way acquisition phase in order to construct the necessary improvements within City right-of-way. It is anticipated that some private property will be needed along select parcels within the 24th Ave project corridor. City staff and the City’s right-of-way consultant may be in contact with you regarding these right-of-way acquisitions. The City hopes to have design work and right-of-way acquisitions completed by early 2022 in order to start construction of the project during the summer of 2022.


    • Preliminary Engineering Design — Complete
    • Final Engineering Design — December 2021
    • Right-of-Way Acquisitions — January 2022 to June 2022
    • Project Construction — Summer 2022