“A Feel-Good Life Program” kicks off at Advertiser Waterland CrossFit! WHAT: “A Feel-Good Life Program” is designed to provide a clear and meaningful framework for folks to ACT consistently in ways which will improve their lives. Simple and fun, this program allows for a very personal approach to organizing and designing a life which “feels good!!” WHEN: Saturday, 01/03/15, 9:30 am. WHERE: Waterland CrossFit- 22305 Marine View Dr. S. Des Moines, Wa 98198 Any feel good life includes daily doses of some key elements: movement, diet, water!!, sleep, acts of kindness and gratitude. This program defines and tracks actions which produce results. Using philosophies of the “compound effect”, which state that small, consistent actions over time manifest in huge changes, this program is EASY TO DO!!! Understanding that life is busy and obligations are many, this program is intentionally designed to NOT be a burden or another onerous “to-do”. It is designed to create lifestyle habits which deliver meaningful results…FOREVER!! This is a FREE CLASS open to ANYONE looking to jump start a NEW YEAR full of MORE GOOD THINGS that make us FEEL GOOD!!! Please RSVP at: [email protected] or 206-271-8100 “I look forward to seeing you there!!!” –Dave Markwell –owner/coach at Waterland CrossFit]]>