Beginning Tuesday, July 15, the “Get Out Of Bed!!” (aka ‘GOOB!!’) Program kicks off at Advertiser Waterland CrossFit! Designed as a fun resource for kids aged 12-15 to “do something” besides lay in bed playing vids or watching stupid youtube cartoons, this program aspires to simply give kids a spot to gather, play and move for a couple of hours a day. Open from 10am-noon at the Waterland CrossFit gym in Des Moines and led by CrossFit and life coach, Dave Markwell, kids can play games, receive exercise coaching, or just talk to each other. There will be no schedule of activities. The kids can do what they want with what we have (safely), a notable exception being: no electronics!!! It seems a void exists in our community for things like this, especially for this age group. As a child, I had the “Boys and Girls Club” in town as a safe and fun gathering spot. We hope to provide something similar. Cost is $5 per day. 5 person RSVP to ensure the gym will be open!! Feel free to contact Dave with any questions or concerns and to reserve your kid’s spot!!! For more info:

Dave Markwell [email protected] 206-271-8100

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