Photos courtesy Carmen Scott.[/caption] If you go anywhere near the Des Moines Marina on Saturdays, your appetite may get a real workout from an amazingly flavorful aroma that will waft up into your head and seemingly insert itself directly into your hunger nerve. That amazing sensation will lead you to Huli Huli Chickens & Ribs, roasting in a huge open BBQ spit at the Des Moines Farmers Market in the Boardwalk Bistro. Take it from your Waterland Bloggers – your taste buds will be itching to taste it! The aroma is the responsibility of the local Samoan Christian Fellowship, a new Vendor at the market this year that is off to a fantastic start. What is Huli Huli? The phrase Huli Huli is Hawaiian for “turn” which references the way the chicken (and ribs) are turned repeatedly over the fire. The variety of ingredients in the sauce and the smokiness from barbecuing over mesquite coals gives it its distinct flavor. Huli Huli is a popular fundraiser in the islands of Hawaii, and was introduced to the Pacific Northwest (specifically Des Moines) three years ago by a local church called the Samoan Christian Fellowship. This fundraiser is part of their vision of “Building Together With God.” The proceeds help with their current (and future expansion) of their building, which is located at 19804 8th Ave South in Des Moines, and also to help support Missionaries around the world. Go ahead and buy a chicken or rib plate or better yet make it a combo when you drop by the market this Saturday (it’s open 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.). You definitely won’t be disappointed. Take it home for the family or enjoy it here at the marina. You don’t want to miss out on the Huli Huli experience! ]]>

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  1. I’ve seen their signs on 200th before. Walked past them once at the farmers market also. The food looks and smells great, now I just have to try it,

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