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I have noticed some negative comments about Mr. JC Harris. I am speaking in favor of him as the most qualified Candidate for the position on Des Moines City Council.

I know him and have closely watched him as a candidate and community member. He has spoken about the important issues in city Government, for him. He states Lack of Revenue, Lack of Transparency, and Lack of Vision. He has clearly tried to address each in his time on the council.

Only JC Harris puts out a REGULAR email for Des Moine Residents. He IS TRANSPARENT, sometimes painfully so. He is honest and consistent in his coverage and communication to this community. He may give more information than requested, but when asked you can count on a reply. He will listen.

JC does not work for a wage. He is retired and therefore devotes MANY hours attending meetings, speaking up for Des Moines. He is aware of where, when and what is happening here. He shares that information. He listens. He shows up. He responds. He correctly asks questions at Council meetings, and yes he sometimes votes No, asking for more information hopefully for a later better informed decision. He is working for us, the citizens, the electorate.

He is not “One of the Old Boys network.” I saw him offer all sorts of assistance to seniors, including me, during the Pandemic. He is a man of faith, a regular at St. Phil’s Church, a musician, a giving person to ailing family and friends.

I am a long time resident of Des Moines, 65yrs, now living at Wesley Homes. I deeply appreciate JC Harris and trust him to work on my behalf for a better Safer community. He is advocating for at least 12 more Police in this growing community. I think there have been half truths and just plain falsehoods written about him.

I say if you want an open honest government, vote for JC

Kaylene Moon

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8 replies on “LETTER: ‘I am speaking in favor of him as the most qualified Candidate for the position on Des Moines City Council’”

  1. I understand that you support Mr. Harris, but I do not believe that he is show that qualities that I would like to see in a good leader.
    Could it be that there is not a lack of vision, but just a vision for Des Moines that he does not either like, or did not come from him?
    I enjoyed the candidates forum at Wesley. Particularly humorous was when an older resident at Wesley stood up and said something to to affect that she wanted to put a face with the name that votes “no”. Mr. Harris looked sheepish to me, as if he knew that his grandma had caught him being a naught boy. I recall, that when asked about why he voted no on Wesley’s sky bridge, he mumbled something about it’s appearance. He seemed to blow off safety issues as being a good reason for the structure.
    Regarding attending “meetings”, didn’t he get in trouble for misrepresenting himself, and his position, at past community meetings?
    Also, there is the little problem him being censured by the City Council due to his improper conduct as reported in the Waterland Blog in February of this year:

    “Here’s our recap of the Des Moines City Council meeting held on Thursday night, Feb. 2, 2023:
    Council member Harris Formally Censured
    After a recent incident involving Council member JC Harris allegedly intimidating and swearing at an isolated female staff member, the Des Moines City Council voted to formally censure him. This does not block his ability to perform his duties as an elected official, but it is a formal statement of disapproval of his conduct. In the discussion preceding this decision, many council members shared their experiences of improper or rude conduct by Harris, including failure to follow protocol and use of inappropriate language and sexual innuendo. Harris denied the recent incident was inappropriate, and did not apologize.”

    As a “man of faith”, surely he understands the implication of what Jesus taught, that what comes out of his mouth is what really is in his heart. “Inappropriate language” and “sexual innuendo” are not Godly traits.
    Mr. Harris does not have my support.

    1. I totally agree Birchcreek
      Talking out of two sides of one’s mouth and instigating negativity is not who I want representing me on our City Council.

    2. Mr. Harris has my support because of his dedication to keeping us informed and his willingness to ask questions of city staff and to require common sense consideration of issues such as ferry, policies relating to airport noise and impact, and the best use of my tax dollars.

    3. Birch you need to actually read the third party investigators report because it found that the allegations were not true and it was all on video. The council voted to censure jc to hurt him politically. Now the mayor and deputy mayor are lobbying for Back

    4. Birchcreek comment: “I recall, that when asked about why he voted no on Wesley’s sky bridge, he mumbled something about it’s appearance.”

      Yeah, JC’s answer was a big boo line – but, as a senior citizen, I would never wish to deny my community any amenity to ease our travels or lives. However, council seems to give them the consideration that they fail to grant to others. My kids are grown and gone, but it still pains me to see kids walking on the margins of Kent-Des Moines Rd on their way to school. Or picked up by bus on my street which Federal Way commuters have determined as an option to I-5 or Marine View Drive. How ’bout a skybridge on 24th Ave S where FAA traffic collides with parents / kids from Midway Elementary and Pacific Middle School?

      How about city council gives a thought to the people that actually live here, instead of enticing further traffic, crowds and Destination Des Moines?

  2. Ah, Kaylene, so good to hear from you, and happy to hear you support JC Harris. I’ve not had the chance to actually meet him, but from reading city council meeting minutes, I am so glad he questions every stupid expenditure that the City Manager proposes, and the ‘business-first, residents-second’ council majority continually adopts.

    His opponent – go-along-to-get-along Rob Back never made a difference when he spent on council. Please don’t waste your vote on more of the same. JC Harris works for the residents (yeah, taxpayers) of Des Moines, while Back, welp, no one really knows what he’s about.

    Please vote to retain JC Harris as council member – while you may not be aware of it, he works for the people of Des Moines.

  3. Rob Back as a candidate for Des Moines City Council – Position 2 is our BEST choice!

    Here’s why?

    1. With his experience and dedication, Rob Back is ready to serve the wonderful community. Let’s make a difference together.

    2. During his previous term on the City Council, Rob witnessed the power of unity and dedication in achieving positive change for Des Moines. He’s honored to have the chance to continue this important work.

    3. Transparency and cooperation are key to the community’s growth, and Rob is committed to working together with fellow Council members and city officials to keep Des Moines thriving.

    4. The financial stability of the city is essential. Rob is proud to have been part of the team that took Des Moines from near bankruptcy to an AA+ rating. Let’s maintain this momentum!

    5. Tough decisions are sometimes necessary for progress, and Rob knows that firsthand. Whether it’s mandatory furloughs or other challenges, he’s here to make the right choices for the community.

    6. Rob Back is not in this for titles or personal gain. He’s running for a Council seat because he wants to serve the community in the best way possible. Let’s build one-on-one relationships with residents and work together for a better Des Moines.

    7. Making connections and creating opportunities behind the scenes is something Rob takes quiet pride in. He’s seen individuals with great potential and helped them join the Council. Let’s keep fostering that growth.

    8. Every great project begins with an idea. Rob was approached by local homeowners who wanted to make a difference. Together, they turned a former right-of-way into a beautiful trail along the wetlands.

    9. Collaborative efforts can lead to innovative solutions, and Rob played a part in establishing the foot passenger ferry program, with more plans for transportation options in the future!

    10. Serving on the Council, Rob also took on an educational role with the Board of Directors of Washington Cities, helping fellow local officials succeed in their positions.

    11. For the upcoming term, Rob Back has several goals in mind, including maintaining year-round passenger ferry service, ensuring transparent Council operations, and building a cohesive Council.

    12. Rob is looking forward to continuing projects already in the works. He knows their status and locations, allowing him to jump in and keep them moving forward. Let’s keep making progress!

    13. Over the next 3-5 years, Rob envisions Des Moines as a financially solvent, pedestrian-friendly, and transparent community. Let’s work together to achieve these goals.

    14. The quality of life in the community is a top priority for Rob Back. He’s dedicated to making a positive impact and fostering trust among residents.

    15. One thing Rob values is taking ownership of his mistakes. We all make them, but it’s how we handle them that truly matters. He strives for honesty and integrity in all dealings.

    16. Rob is here to bring whole, independent people together, avoiding co-dependencies and cliques. Unity and collaboration are the keys to success.

    17. Growing up in a military family taught Rob the importance of community and service. He’s proud to have that background, and he brings those values to his work.

    18. Rob’s faith is a guiding force in his life, but he never imposes it on others. He’s here to serve and care for everyone in the community, regardless of their beliefs.

    19. Listening is a crucial part of Rob’s approach. He believes in being a good listener and an independent thinker, all while operating with a strong sense of principle.

    20. Rob Back’s journey from starting a janitorial job to owning his own business has been quite a ride. He’s proud to bring his 35 years of business experience to the City Council.

    Vote for Rob Back to continue the progress and growth of Des Moines!

    1. Of course Mayor Mahoney’s campaign manager supports somebpdy who will be a reliable vote for the top-down, magical-thinking, marina-centric development plan that Mahoney and company are dead set on foisting on Des Moines.

      Des Moines doesn’t need another yes man. Des Moines needs JC Harris, and more people like him. People who stand for real transparency, fiscal responsibility, and who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

      That’s why I’m voting for JC Harris, and I think you should, too

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