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Des Moines City Council Decision Update:

The 50-minute decision to disband the Hearts and Minds program had a significant impact on Des Moines City Council’s budget, with seven councilmembers, four staffers, and a police officer involved, costing the city an estimated $48.08 per hour for each participant. Some earn even more, not to mention the cost of time for both the live and virtual audience watching.

A suggestion for future meetings: Let’s introduce a ticker to track decision-making costs and streamline the process. Time is money, and every breath counts, especially with the community’s valuable time and contributions in mind.

It’s disheartening to see the Hearts and Minds program scrapped, given years of community support and numerous donations. The void it leaves prompts the question: What alternatives do we now have for expressing sentiments and supporting local organizations that have made a lasting impact on our community with those funds?

Just for fun, see if you know the answer following question and leave your comment below.

If every one of our seven city councilmembers, three staffers and one police officer earned $48.08 per hour, and the decision took 50 minutes. How much did that one decision cost our city?

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– Bettina Carey

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