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As most of our loyal customers know, my wife and I have been business owners in Des Moines for more than 30 years! We take great pride in our city and hope that you do too. This year, for the first time, residents of Des Moines will have an opportunity to elect a judge for our community court, and one of the two candidates is someone we know — someone we trust to do what’s right for our community. We would like to urge you to vote for David Gehrke in the November election. David Gehrke has lived in the greater Des Moines area for over 50 years. He has raised his family here and even has his law office here. Dave has been committed to our community in more ways than any of us know. He donates generously to virtually every community cause, sponsors sports teams for Parks & Recreation, helped sponsor public art for display in the city, and has taken a special interest in the kids. His two sons, Matt and Josh, have inherited the “giving back” gene and now coach Des Moines sports teams themselves. Dave has not only helped many Des Moines residents with their legal problems, he also gives generously of his time when someone is just having a rough time. We could not ask for a more committed and caring person to be our judge. Dave is also a 35 year veteran of the trial courts, and while he could easily take his skill and experience to a higher level, he has chosen – once again – to give the citizens of Des Moines the benefit of his experience. I am just one of about 75 small business owners in Des Moines who have endorsed Dave Gehrke for Des Moines Municipal Court Judge. Dave is someone we know and trust. You’ll receive your ballot in the mail toward the end of October. I hope you will vote for Dave Gehrke for Judge. Thank you. – Luke Lucas Owner, RoyalFabricCareCenter
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