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Dear Editor: Was it only yesterday that we had a “Ship’s Log” and a Des Moines Chamber of Commerce and was it such fun to do a monthly article entitled “Business of the Month”? Did there prevail, a feeling of joy at heralding the merits of a new or established small business venture in Des Moines and has that joy dissipated? Until a few days ago the answer to the “joy” part might have been absolutely no; that is until the new restaurant, “Prima Margherita” was honored by a grand opening with Mayor Dave Kaplan and other dignitaries on Wednesday April 3rd 2013. It was a good day for such an event and there were so many treats on the counter of the bar for all to be tempted by. There were even two uniformed police there bending a pizza and smiling. I explained that there were no doughnuts today and, wisely stepped out of their way. As many restaurants as we have enjoyed in Italy, it was a given, we thought, that we would never have such a rewarding experience once we returned to America; especially, we thought, so far west from our roots in the New England states. Well it turns out that we were astonishingly wrong in that our new friends Vince (Vincenzo) and Peppe (Giuseppe) have brought Italian cuisine here for us all to enjoy and rave over without ever leaving Des Moines. You are in Italy once you walk in their door! Since the opening, we have been there, just us or with friends, all leaving with satisfied appetites and smiling a wish to return soon. You are not just a customer in this Prima Margherita but part of a quickly growing family. The service is as great as the menu offerings and it is not possible to just try one entrée. You are driven to come back and relish the next item down until you will enter on a favorite or favorites. Here, for once, I felt like a kid in a spaghetti store! The whole experience is enhanced ad magnified by the interior décor of this restaurant as you look around the walls at photographs, nostalgic hanging baskets, and even the array of beverages behind the bar beckon, “Commonnamyhousa”! Add Prima Margherita’s dining to the already wonderful dining venues that we have in Des Moines and you may never need to go miles again for the best appetite pleasers. May I say, joyfully, “Welcome Prima Margherita”? Alora Mangiamo!” (c’mon Let’s Eat!) – Pat Nardo
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