Seattle Police were observing two armed robbery suspects on Friday, Dec. 29, 2023, and when they tried to contact them in a stolen car they attempted to escape, but it all ended when they crashed into Des Moines Creek.

Both suspects were taken into custody without injury.

Reports are that the two suspects – who police believed were involved in recent armed robberies – were pursued by Seattle PD, who ended up blocking the car in the entrance of Beach Park.

The suspects then reportedly drove into the park down the entry road to the back parking lot, and then through to the walking trail back towards Puget Sound at the park’s west end.

The only escape route left was apparently to attempt to drive across the lawn and over the pedestrian bridge, where they ultimately lost control and crashed into Des Moines Creek.

The identities of the suspects are being withheld pending formal booking, and the specific charges they will face are still under investigation.

Seattle PD detectives are currently processing the scene of the crash and the stolen vehicle, gathering evidence to build their case.


Below is video showing the pursuit and resulting crash, courtesy @dubsea:

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  1. Apparently, there was a wedding being held at the Beach Park at the same time. Had to have been one memorable wedding!

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