Well, the Powell Brothers and their crews have done it again!! Proving that they are truly the premier homebuilder/renovation/remodel contractor in the area, they recently achieved a high honor: They were recognized as one of the nation’s Top 100 remodeling contractors by Professional Remodeler magazine. They were one of only two contractors in Washington State to achieve this distinction. This is a big deal!! Thousands of construction companies exist and many are terrific, but to stand at the front of the pack is pretty amazing. However, not altogether surprising…they have been doing this for years… For 104 years, Powell Custom Homes and Renovations have served the greater Seattle area and its people. They have built, upgraded, updated and repaired homes for folks with their unique brand of experience and integrity. And they do all of this with a smile and a genuinely fun, can-do attitude. As evidence of this, here’s what some real customers have said about their real experiences working with Brooks and Todd Powell and their crews:

“Thank you for your responsiveness to our request for repairs. We were definitely impressed with how smoothly you handled this.” “Powell’s sense of good design transformed a set of blueprints into a sensible and yet great-looking home that fit my tastes. When the house was completed I got a great house and a great value.” “Thank you for the beautiful house and wonderful service. When the time comes for us to get a new house, we will look you up.” “It is rare to find a business that stands behind its product as Powell does. We strongly recommend your company to anyone in search of a quality outfit.”
The Powell’s place in business is well-established and well-documented: They are at the top. What is not as widely known is their place in the community. Again, they are at the top. Once again, they are a key sponsor of this year’s Poverty Bay Wine Festival, which is the Rotary Club of Des Moines’ largest fundraising event. This event supports Rotary projects, local and international, throughout the year. Without the efforts and commitment of the Powell brothers, this event and virtually every other event in Des Moines would be less. In addition to the Wine Festival, they contribute significantly to: Poverty Bay Blues and Brews, Fireworks Over Des Moines, Des Moines Marina Car and Boat Show, Waterland Parade, Destination Des Moines Sweetheart Ball…and more… At the cornerstone of their charity is a belief in building good communities and being a “catalyst for contribution to the community.” Leading by example, Brooks Powell said their goal is to “use business as a springboard to give back” and to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Understanding that service comes in many shapes and forms and that needs exist in many places, the Powells hope to demonstrate that service can and should be an important element of any good business. Again, they are leading by example. Exemplifying their motto of “live life to the fullest”, they work hard and give much and are a fantastic model of how to truly and deliberately create good communities. This is not simply puffy, butt-kissing hyperbole. They DO THIS!! They REALLY DO THIS!! Good people doing good business making a better world. It’s who they are and what they do. As a resident and beneficiary of their efforts, I am grateful. Sooo, show your support for their efforts by thinking of them should you need help with a project or by buying a ticket to the Poverty Bay Wine Festival or volunteer at a school or donate to the Des Moines Food Bank or “fill in the blank”…infinite ways to give are there. DO SOMETHING. We are better for it and YOU are better for it. Create your own legacy and “live life to the fullest”!!!! It’s what we all should do. To purchase tickets to the Poverty Bay Wine Festival, click here.]]>

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