We’d like to welcome back Waterland CrossFit as an Advertiser on The Waterland Blog, and like we do with all our Advertisers, we’re giving them a forum to share their message:

Why CrossFit? …Because it is a better idea than any other fitness philosophy out there!! It is effective and efficient and produces results that translate directly into a better life. You will get stronger and move better in ways that will open doors to a fuller, richer and more fun life. It is effective, because you will work hard. There is no shortcut, anyplace in life, to success without hard work. CrossFit will push your limits and extend your capabilities beyond levels you have ever imagined. All of this is done in an environment of quality personal coaching, camaraderie and competition. The workouts deliberately challenge and improve “functional” fitness. This is fitness you can actually use. You will jump and lift and run and throw and slam and swing stuff. The workouts are programmed each day and remove any traditional gym thoughts of “what am I going to do today?” And/or “how do I do this?” This is personal training at its best. This is turn-key. The workouts change constantly to provide a broad scope of fitness and eliminate the boredom of doing the same things day after day. Show up and you will get a great workout that will make you work harder and produce better results than any other workout you will do. The small group classes provide support and a community of like-minded folks looking to improve their lives…just like you…The workouts are all easily modified to be accessible for ANY conditioning level. From a high-performing college athlete to a soccer mom or a Grandpa, the workouts are scaled appropriately and though, not every one has the exact same physical capacities, every one works the SAME hard and achieves better fitness. With an emphasis on safety, proper mechanics and respect for individual differences in mobility and conditioning, the workouts, while being effective, should never be “scary” or intimidating. That said, each gym is different and finding a good fit is personal. Whether training at my gym in Des Moines, Waterland CrossFit, CrossFit Burien in…well…Burien, or Imperial CrossFit down in Kent…you will meet amazing people and produce amazing results. So, check out your local CrossFit gym, no matter where you live and I can say this with the certainty only found in the truest of truths: You will be glad you did. CrossFit will improve your life in ways that will literally astound you!!! And, like most good things in life, it will be hard… but worth it. If any of these words have piqued your interest, I am offering a FREE week at Waterland CrossFit to check it out!!! Feel free to call or e-mail to schedule your visit or with any questions! Dave Markwell Owner/Coach Waterland CrossFit Des Moines, Wa 206-271-8100 [email protected]
For more information, visit their website here: http://waterlandcrossfit.blogspot.com. Also, be sure to “Like” them on Fascebook: http://www.facebook.com/WaterlandCrossFit.]]>

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