From Advertiser Kristy Dunn, Real Estate Broker, John L. Scott:

Preparing Your Home for Sale

You’ve decided to put your house on the market. Now what? There is more to selling a home than just hiring a real estate agent and listing it. The appearance inside and outside can turn a prospective buyer away in a heartbeat. Something as little as a framed photograph can turn a buyer off. Depersonalization helps a lot when preparing your home for sale. With many homes entering the busy spring market these days, buyers can be picky resulting in showings that go nowhere. Making sure your home is in pristine condition is your top priority when listing your home for sale today. Below is a checklist to put your home in high demand during the competitive spring market. Depersonalize Depersonalization sounds so sterile and frankly impersonal. It’s not. Think of it as creating a blank canvas for the prospective buyer to imagine their own personal items and furniture. You want them to imagine what it would be like to live in the house. Color Always choose neutral colors if you plan to repaint your rooms. Bold colors can be a turn-off to prospective buyers. Declutter Getting rid of clutter is often the chief concern when selling your home. If you could remove at least half of your belongings from view, it will greatly increase your chances of selling your home. Store your extras in a storage unit, or a friend’s garage until your home sells. Also remove clutter from your closets. Items tumbling out of a closet indicates that the house lacks storage space. Curb Appeal First impressions speak volumes. The first thing homebuyers see when they arrive at your home is your lawn and driveway. If you can afford it, have cracks in the driveway repaired or have it resurfaced. Make sure the garden is weeded and the bushes are snipped neatly. The grass is an important part of curb appeal. If possible, purchase sod for your front and backyards. Buyers love a fresh manicured lawn. The “natural look” is a turnoff for most buyers. Nobody wants to face the hurdle of restoring a lost lawn. You can clean the exterior of your home by simply using a hose attachment called Mold Armor House Wash. Most Home Depot locations carry this product. Pressure washers can be rented from home improvement stores, as well. Hiring a professional pressure washer is often just as affordable. Remember if the buyer sees a dirty exterior, they will suspect the interior is dirty, also. You don’t want the buyer to think the home was not well maintained. Lack of maintenance leads to expensive problems down the road, and buyers keep this in mind as they tour your house. Gutters Make sure your roof gutters have been cleaned and are free of debris. This can make the roof look disheveled and even stained. Door Sellers are often stunned when they hear that the door mat’s appearance can scare away buyers. It actually can! Make sure your doormat is clean or better yet, new. An old tattered mat with a few letters of “Welcome” rubbed off make the home look shabby. A fresh coat of paint can make the front door more inviting. The house number should stand out as well. Make sure the brass is polished or wooden letters are painted. This will make it easier for the homebuyers to see it from the curb. Repairs No one wants to buy a home already in need of big repairs. If your HVAC system is already ten years old, consider replacing it especially if it’s in need of repair. This goes for other major appliances and home necessities. Subflooring can be expensive, but if your floors are buckled and swaying, a homebuyer will be immediately turned off. Shine It’s a no-brainer, but some sellers neglect to polish their floors, mirrors, and fans. If your ceiling fan has an inch of dust-bunnies on it, buyers will immediately notice. Refresh A fresh smelling house is inviting. If your home smells of kitty litter or mold, the homebuyer will end the tour as soon as possible. No one wants to move into a stinky home. Plus, if a home has a disagreeable odor, it’s assumed the house has been neglected. People start thinking “black mold.” You certainly don’t want that. Instead, set out fresh flowers in a vase, and spray air neutralizers in every room and closet. Even the smallest of changes can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Following these tips will help you do exactly that. Call me today if you need help selling your home. I have a list of the best home staging experts and contractors to help you.
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