Artist rendering of re-designed Redondo Boardwalk courtesy City of Des Moines.

A public update meeting was held on Friday, Jan. 8 at the MaST Center, and City of Des Moines Transportation Engineer Andrew Merges said that the renovation of the Redondo Boardwalk is targeted for a Summer 2016 opening, with construction set to being in March.

Project funding – for just over $4.7 million – has been secured, an engineering plan has been designed, and permitting has been completed.

Work should start sometime within the next few months.

Design-wise, the rebuilt boardwalk – damaged in a severe storm in Nov. 2014 – will consist a concrete deck with wood stamp finish, stainless steel cable railing, and low level deck surface illumination, all while using the existing pile encapsulation.

Nine-inch thick concrete panels will be bolted in the current bulkhead, using 1-3/8th steel bolts to anchor it.

A raised intersection designed for pedestrian safety will also be built at S. 287th Street & Redondo Beach Drive.

Currently the boardwalk remains closed, but Redondo Beach Drive South is open to vehicular traffic as well as a sidewalk to the east for pedestrians.

The total budget for the work is just over $4.7 million dollars, broken down like this:

  • City: $497,445 Secured
  • TIB: $360,000 Secured
  • Washington State Capital Appropriation: $1,455,000 Secured
  • Federal: $2,388,265 Secured

What has been Completed?

  • Secured Project Funding
  • Completed Engineering Design
  • Completed Federal/State/Local Permitting

Total Project Funding: $4,700,710:

  • City: $497,445 Secured
  • TIB: $360,000 Secured
  • Washington State Capital Appropriation: $1,455,000 Secured
  • Federal: $2,388,265 Secured

How will the boardwalk be built?

  • Concrete deck with wood stamp finish
  • Stainless steel cable railing
  • Low level deck surface illumination
  • Existing pile encapsulation
  • S. 287th Street & Redondo Beach Drive raised intersection/pedestrian safety

For more information, contact Andrew Merges at or (206) 870‐6568.


Here’s a FAQ used at the meeting released by the city:

When will the project construction begin?
Approximately March.

When will the project be completed?
Planned completion summer 2016.

Was local resident input and interaction sought during the rebuild planning process?
Given the variability in project funding, associated funding and permitting restrictions, as well as stakeholder desires to complete the project ASAP, planning outreach was limited to City Council committee and full council briefings, posted community flyers, and informal community meetings at the Highline College MaST Center.

What will the decking material be made of?
Wood grain embossed pre-cast, stained concrete panels.

How will the decking material be attached to the existing bulkhead?
The nine inch thick concrete panels will be bolted in the current bulkhead using 1 3/8th steel bolts.

Is the bulkhead going to be reinforced?

How will the decking material be attached on the water side?
The existing pilings will be sleeved with HDPE (Plastic) pipe and reinforced with concrete fill. The boardwalk decking will then be attached to the piles using steel bolts.

Which way will the faux wood grain run?
The faux wood grain will run east to west (road to water).

What color will the boardwalk be?
Natural wood brown concrete stain color.

How will the color of the board walk be maintained/preserved?
High tech stain specifically designed for concrete with a 25 year expectancy. If there are wear spots, city employees can simply re-stain the worn spot.

What will the water side railing be made of?
Stainless steel stanchions capped with manufactured wooden railing and interconnected with stainless steel cables.

Are there design improvements to mitigate future storm damage?
Concrete decking panels are designed to withstand large log damage and high wave pressure. The water side pilings will be reinforced with pipe sleeves and then filled with concrete.

Will wheeled objects other than, wheel chairs, strollers, and wagons be prohibited?
The current boardwalk rules will be continued on the new boardwalk.

Will there be beach access from the boardwalk?
Yes, everywhere there was beach access before, there will be beach access again.

Will the safety ladders from the water to the boardwalk be replaced?
Egress ladders will be installed in accordance with applicable codes.

Will there be pedestrian safety traffic patterns on the boardwalk?
There are no plans to have any markings such as arrows or centerlines on the boardwalk.

Will there be crosswalk enhancements for pedestrian safety to and from the boardwalk?
There will be one raised crosswalk at the 287th street intersection. There will be no improvements to the other crosswalks as part of this project.

Why was 287th street chosen for crosswalk enhancements over the other crosswalk locations?
This location enables safer access to the boardwalk from the larger Sound View Drive neighborhood.

Will there be increased police presence due to the increased pedestrian traffic?
The Police Department would need to respond to this question.

Will the board walk be lit?
Yes, there will be low level illumination installed along the road side railings that will shine on the boardwalk deck surface.

Will there be hours of operation for any type of lighting used along the boardwalk?
No, the low level lighting will be photocell controlled. The City will look into ensuring there is an option for timing.

Are there any plans for boardwalk/bulkhead improvements north of Salty’s since it was damaged at the same time?
No, there are no plans to improve or repair the boardwalk north of Salty’s.

Will the Redondo Beach Drive South be closed during construction?
Impacted sections of the road will be conned off and flagger controlled as a traffic mitigation strategy. The City recommends traffic use a different commuting route to avoid long delays.

Will there be emergency call boxes located on the boardwalk?

Will the road side protective railing remain?
Yes, the current roadside railings are required vehicle traffic safety railings.

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  1. Well, looking over the question and answer (FAQ) I find only one problem that could arise. That would be if irresponsible people leave their pets deposits on the boardwalk’s surface, that it would blend in with the brown colored surface. Otherwise I thank the State, and the City for their speedy work in getting the construction going in a reasonable time line. I know some think it’s about time but I can’t fault anyone. This could of gone on for years…Rr

  2. It’s June now. I last drove past the boardwalk in May & saw no progress on the boardwalk whatsoever beyond fencing it off.

  3. It’s almost end of August and end of summer for the year of 2016 and is the walkway finished??? Last I was there was about May and all I saw was fenced off boardwalk and no sing of anyone wilting there at all.

    1. Well, due to when summer ends and fall officially starts, the they technically have until Sept 21st to open the boardwalk and have it open this summer.

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