A recent social media user wondered “How do I recycle shredded paper?” Various websites had provided conflicting guidance and even that was hard to find.

This prompted us to seek information from Government and Community relations managers at Recology.

While we were at it, we also inquired about the HighlIne Recology store at the Five Corners Shopping Center.

The following information applies to all Highline area customers in Burien, Des Moines and Seatac.

Shredded Paper
Shredded paper should be bagged and disposed of in the garbage. Please do not place shredded paper in the food/yard waste or recycling cart. Shredded paper often contains non-compostable materials (plastic credit cards, envelope windows, laminated paper) that are not accepted at commercial compost facilities. Shredded paper is not accepted in the recycling because the material is too small to be effectively captured and recycled.

Recology Store
Along with guidance about shredded paper, the following update on the Highline Recology store will be welcome news, as it also provides information about how to dispose of “hard to recycle items”. We look forward to the return of the Recology store and the valuable resources it provides toward sustainability in our community.

When the pandemic struck in March 2020, The Recology Store in Burien temporarily shut its doors. Now, almost a year later, the company is assessing when and how to reopen while keeping customers safe. “It’s hard, because unlike traditional retail, we serve as a collection point for approximately 10 different hard-to recycle materials.” explains Government and Community Relations Manager Erin Gagnon, who manages the retail store. “We typically have up to 40 households a day dropping off various items. We really have to take into consideration the additional potential of exposure to both customers and employees from multiple households entering the location and dropping recyclables off. We want to open, but we also want to keep people safe!” 

To address a gap in services provided by the store during the extended closure, Recology has expanded on-call curbside collection options for hard-to-recycle materials accepted at the store. Items such as Styrofoam, CFL bulbs, household batteries, small electronics and appliances, and textiles can now be scheduled for curbside collection by Recology residential customers. Customers are easily able to schedule curbside pick-up on Recology’s website. If residents would prefer to drop off their recycling in person, they can use the Washington Recycles website (www.1800recycle.wa.gov) to locate a convenient drop off site. 

Recology plans to reopen the Burien retail location in late Spring, pending local public health guidance. For updates on the stores reopening plans, follow the Recology Store’s Facebook page at (The Recology Stores | Facebook). Recology looks forward to reopening the retail locations in a safe and structured manner. “We can’t wait to see our customers again!” Gagnon says. “We miss showing off our new products and talking about recycling…in a safe environment, of course.”   

To schedule a pick up for hard to recycle items, please contact Recology’s Customer Service Team via e-mail or website.

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