Bodle Integrative Health in Des Moines is a special place for healing.

That’s a bold statement, but the fact that at Bodle you are served by a whole family of your neighbors dedicated to helping you feel better now, and further down the road, make this bold statement simple truth. There are many clinics where you may be able to find relief from back, neck or leg pain, but few can claim a successful practice since 1991, working in the same community.

Furthermore, part of what makes Bodle Integrative Health special is the family atmosphere and ethos of service. Indeed, all four members of the Bodle family work together here, led by patriarch Dr. Michael Bodle and mom Jeannie Bodle keeping the office running smoothly and efficiently, alongside their two sons Dr. Brad and Dr. Kevin Bodle. Yes! It is a family affair. They have lived in Des Moines for decades and both Dr. Brad and Dr. Kevin have grown up in our community and are proud Mt. Rainier Rams!

They enjoy being together daily, and are able to work collaboratively on each patient’s case with the sort of trust and respect for one another that can be uncommon in an office with less history. Dr. Kevin shared, that part of what makes the work especially rewarding is being able to have three ideas about an individual case, not just one. With so much experience gathered in their practice, they are able to work through cases better, ultimately leading to a course of treatment that does not simply mask symptoms, but rather strikes to the “why’ and source of an ailment. 

Since each case is individual, a plan for treatment must be also. This can include many traditional chiropractic methods, such as decompression table work, manipulation, cold laser treatments and functional taping. They also employ innovative practices and approaches as well. Each method is chosen to fit the needs of specific client’s particular concerns. The team also take the time to educate their patients with helpful advice and instruction to support healing and wellness.

It is easy to see why they have a loyal and enthusiastic client base. Here’s a bit about what they have to say:

“Everyone at Bodle Chiropractic is thoughtful and friendly. You guys always explained everything thoroughly.”

– Teresa F. 

“I love the holistic full person approach, and I had a quick return to improved function of my spine.”

– Tara Z


“Dr. Kevin has made my healing process easy with a thorough assessment, action plan, and great care! I have enjoyed my appointments and getting to know him. I highly recommend!”

– Joe D.

“I am sleeping better, have less pain and more mobility.”

– Megan O.

Setting up an appointment is easy, and they will even do the billing.  

“We will submit the billing for you, whether it is a Labor and Industries claim, auto claim, or private insurance. For noninsured, we have many affordable plans to make getting the care you need easy and stress free.”

Right now, they are offering a very special $99.00 initial consultation with a thorough exam. Your concerns will be heard and analyzed in a holistic way that takes into account your health history and overall wellness.

Whether you are experiencing tingling and disc issues, inflammation, pain in knees or shoulders and extremities, or a whole host of other health concerns, you owe it to yourself to call or click today and discover the Bodle difference.

Affordable, knowledgeable and experienced help is as close as downtown Des Moines. 

Bodle Integrative Health
22312 Marine View Drive South
Des Moines, Washington 98198

Phone: 206-824-8464
Fax: 206-824-8470


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Thursday and Saturday
By Appointment



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