The City of Des Moines needs your help!

This bronze sculpture – entitled “Beginning” by artist Sabah Al-Dhaher – was stolen recently from the Des Moines Marina Promenade:

“We do not know the exact time but it was discovered missing by one of our former Arts Commissioners on Sunday,” the City said.

According to an “Art on Poverty Bay” map, the sculpture was located in the #8 area:

Anyone having information about this stolen piece of art is encouraged to call the Des Moines Police Department at 206-878-3301, or file your tip online here:

This artwork is valued at $14,500.

“Your help is greatly appreciated!”

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        1. My thoughts exactly… If only we had a place to treat addicts in our community that are resorting to this type of behavior. It would need to be accessible by public transportation, and large enough to care for large volumes of people affected by the current opioid epidemic. You know the property where Roses Highway Inn used to be would be perfect! And before anyone brings up proximity to the school, I will let it be known I have a child at that school, and I am still embarrassed that the NIMBYs prevented that organization from helping people in need

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