bestvacuumburien-7 Meet Toby Frey! Toby is the new owner of Best Vacuum of Burien, and a new Advertiser on The Waterland Blog, and he’s excited to let everyone know “We’re here!” Although they have changed hands a couple of times over 23 years, this long-standing business has been the source for Kirby vacuum sales and service for the south end and beyond! Toby tells us he has helped customers from all over the state – even from east of the mountains! Why? It’s simple, Best Vacuum maintains a coveted “Kirby Authorized Service Center” designation AND also sells and services other quality vacuum brands. [caption id="attachment_74914" align="alignright" width="150"]BurienVacuumDog “Rocco” the Rat Terrier.[/caption] Conveniently located adjacent to the downtown Burien Post Office, Best Vacuum stocks a large selection of bags, belts and accessories for many vacuum brands. They also dispense expert advice and recommendations in a friendly, low-pressure environment, complete with their lovable mascot “Rocco” the rat terrier (pictured, right). “He’s mostly blind and pretty deaf,” said Toby. “But he still likes being in the shop and meeting the customers. He keeps on going…” (not unlike a Kirby, we might add). “They are simply the best vacuum on the market.” Toby says of their signature Kirby products. “They are incredibly well designed, simple and easy-to-fix.” What’s more, they are still hand-assembled right here in the USA, in Cleveland, OH, home to Kirby for 100 years. In these days of disposable goods, a quality product meant to last for decades is a rare thing indeed. Stop by today…as Toby says: “Whether your vacuum sucks, or it doesn’t… we can fix you up!” Best Vacuum of Burien is located at:

633 SW 150th St Burien, WA 98166 (near the main Post Office near Siler Licensing) Get Directions
Phone: (206) 588-0039
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