Waterland Fitness art Times they are a changin’ at Waterland CrossFit!!! Check it out for CHEAP in October!! What’s changing #1: We are eliminating our CrossFit affiliation. Why?: Simple. I think the proliferation of the “CrossFit” brand in pop culture has created a perception that scares many folks who can truly benefit from this training from trying it. My philosophy has always been health and quality of life focused, not necessarily from an elite performance or competitive perspective, but one based on the joy of moving our bodies well and the better lives we can live because of this. I love helping folks create or reclaim better health and good lives for themselves and families. What’s changing #2: We are focusing on some other elements of health and life to expand our awareness of the power of daily actions. Using “A Feel-Good Life Program” framework, we are tracking some daily activities which support better health, as well as, emphasize a more positive, creative, and intentional lifestyle. We are trying to create lifestyle habits which manifest, in time, huge, transformational good things. Why?: Through my years of coaching and seeing many very fit, yet still unhappy folks, it seemed like some other areas of life needed attention. We are giving these areas attention now. Diet, sleep, stress, relationships and finances can all distract us from really enjoying our lives. Setting some goals, creating some action steps to help improve these things gives us a sense of control and hope and possibility which opens the doors to a richer and fuller life experience. And that’s the whole point of living this life. And I want to help people achieve this… SPECIAL DEAL FOR OCTOBER!!

  • 10 classes for $20!!
  • If any of these ideas make you curious about checking us out…DO IT!!
  • If you need to do something different…DO IT!!
  • If you need some support, guidance, accountability and a PLAN…DO IT!!
We’d love to have you…call or e-mail to schedule your visit or click the link for more info: http://www.jotformpro.com/form/52725359390966 !! – Dave Markwell Owner/coach 206-271-8100 waterlandxfit@gmail.com]]>

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