UPDATE April 19, 2024: Organizers have asked us to repost the notification for Gene Achziger’s vacant board position because the state requirements have been updated.

As per new state regulations, the board must nominate an applicant and advertise the position for 15 days.

Here’s more info:

“During the March 20 meeting, the board did not feel comfortable nominating an applicant without giving the public notice of the opening. Therefore, to comply with the state requirement, we are reposting the vacant position for another 15 days and nominating Patrice Thorell, who had applied during the original 15-day process. A board member nominated her at the April 18 special meeting. Ms. Thorell was the only applicant during the original posting of the vacancy.

“The board will fill the position at the May 28 board meeting, depending on the number of residents who apply for the position. The process of reviewing the applicants will be announced in the meeting’s agenda packet, which typically goes out the Thursday before the meeting.”

And here’s the updated notification:

The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District is seeking applicants to fill a seat on its Board of Commissioners left vacant by the resignation of Gene Achziger for personal reasons.

The appointee would begin serving immediately after taking the Oath of Office until the 2025 General Election results are certified. If this appointee would like to serve the remainder of the term for Position 5, set to expire December 31, 2029, they must be elected by voters in November of 2025.

The Board of Commissioners issued a 15-day notice which ended on April 4, 2024. Following this notice, Patrice Thorell was the only registered voter within the district who applied for the position. She was nominated at the board meeting held on April 18. However, as per RCW 42.12.080, the board is required to keep the position open for another 15 days to allow for additional applicants.

The salary for the position is $161 stipend per day (an average of one to two meetings a month). 

Applicants must be registered voters of the City of Des Moines (WA) and have a one-year continuous period of residence in the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District (City of Des Moines) at the time of appointment. Please get in touch with our district office if a person has residency or eligibility questions.

To apply, please submit a letter of intent to the Mount Rainier Pool front desk (22722 19 Avenue S., Des Moines, WA) or email [email protected].

All letters of intent should include:

  • the applicant’s residential address, 
  • date of birth and 
  • contact information.

The letter of intent information will be used by King County Elections to confirm eligibility.

The deadline for applications is Friday, May 4 at 5:00pm.

The five-member Board of Commissioners provides governance of the Mount Rainier Pool. The Board of Commissioners also adopts the district’s budget, approves appropriations and contracts in the district’s name, levies taxes, and sets aquatic programming for the community. Regular business meetings are held at 7 pm on the fourth Tuesday evening of every month, with special meetings or study sessions set on the availability of the Commissioners. Remote access is available for all regular meetings.

For more information contact Scott Deschenes, District General Manager at (206) 429-3852 or by emailing [email protected]. This press release is also available on Mount Rainier Pool’s website at www.mtrainierpool.com/about/governance.