You’ll see things” at the third annual Men in Black Birthday Bash Fest, returning to Des Moines this June 21-22, commemorating the anniversary of the world’s first encounter with the iconic Men in Black just days after a sighting of UFOs over Maury Island.

The Maury Island Incident occurred on June 21, 1947, when a Tacoma man named Harold Dahl reported that a flying saucer dropped burning slag on his boat while off the shores of Maury Island.  The next morning, Dahl was visited by the first “Man in Black.” Dahl’s story was the first UFO sighting during that “Summer of the Saucers,” when thousands of UFO incidents were reported worldwide.

MIBBB Fest was created to celebrate this episode in local history, which also inspired the locally produced, award-winning film “The Maury Island Incident.” The festival is planned each year timed to June 22 to coincide with the date of the sighting.

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MIBBB Film Party is Friday, June 21

The festival opens on Friday, June 21, 2024 with the MIBBB Film Party, a mini-film festival of short films that ask big questions, and challenge everything that we’ve been told about authority, reality, conspiracy, and all manner of the unexplained and unresolved.

The party will be hosted at Harper Studios in Des Moines. 

6/22 Men in Black Birthday Bash is Saturday, June 22

The Men in Black Birthday Bash celebrates the birth of the Men in Black mythology. Partygoers come dressed as Men in Black or other black-and-white attire. The party will be held again this year at the Quarterdeck at the Des Moines marina, with a view of Maury Island.

Tickets include live music, costumes, MIBBB swag and much more.

Tickets for both events go on sale April 15, 2024, so stay tuned to the blog for updates!

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